Bourne Ultimatum 2014

Bourne wheelers v2


3 Routes, 139 Riders, 1 Mighty Fine Day 🙂

Sportive Times Can Be Downloaded Below


Link to photos below


The Bourne Wheelers Sportive will return on Sunday 6th September 2015……


9 Responses to Bourne Ultimatum 2014

  1. Geoff stone says:

    When will it be possible to enter the 2014 sportive?

  2. antman74 says:

    Geoff, I’m hoping to have online entry set up next month some time.

  3. Martin steele says:

    Many thanks for organising this event. From somebody who is new to the sport( in fact we have on been on the road for 4 weeks). We both enjoyed the event( not the hills). And will be back

  4. Simon says:

    Thanks for organising a brilliant event really enjoyed it will be back next year.

  5. Ann Barrett says:

    Thank you so much for organising such a brilliant event!!Just the best, Hope to see you next year!!

  6. Adrian says:

    Any news on the photos 😉


  7. Adrian says:

    PS it was a great day, well done -)

  8. Rich earth says:

    When will the link to pictures be available please

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