Time Trials (Other Clubs & Open Events)

Club members are welcome to ride “Private Trials” at any cycling club’s weekly Time Trial – simply turn-up, pay and ride.

Many clubs also hold Open Events. These are open to riders from any club and are held on a Saturday or Sunday. They have to be entered in advance  – typical closing date is 10-14 days before the event. Riders are given pre-allocated ride numbers and specific time slots for their push-off with the fastest riders being given “0” or “5” numbers, e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. matching their time slot, e.g. 14:05, 14:10, 14:15 etc. Riders must wear either their club kit or plain cycling kit, i.e. no unrelated sponsors/team names.

Entry is made via the Cycling Time Trials website.

Bourne Wheelers will be hosting three Open Events in 2018:

13th May – 10 miles on course C10/10

29th July – 15 miles on course C15/1

16th September – 25 miles on course C25/35

For details of all Open Events for Lincolnshire and surrounding regions, please visit:




2018 Events List SUMMARY



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