Track Racing

Derby Update

Here is the updated schedule of 5 sessions and thanks to those who replied to the previous post (Note change of 1st date).

Looks like we can easily accommodate those have replied to date and also encourage other track 1st timers like Antony (thanks) who can also join us.

Don’t worry if already accredited as coaches can easily adapt to ensure we all benefit and advance skills, our experience and overall sense of humour.

Sunday 28th Feb:
Two sessions: x1 1 hr and 1x2hr but later one shared with UK Schools Team development on 50/50 basis – space for 20 BW track riders

SESSION 1: Bourne Wheelers (BW): 9 – 10 AM (one hour) – Lead coach: Simon Reavill (as per Dec 2015). Up to 40 riders (36 if some novices)
SHARED SESSION 2 between BW and UK Schools Team development : 12 Noon – 2pm (20 spaces for BW ) – Lead coach: Simon

SESSION 3 : Sunday 27th March : BW 10AM- 12 Noon. 40 riders total or 36 if some novices in one group – Lead coach: – Simon

SESSION 4 Sunday : 3rd April: BW 7-8 AM (the early one) – Lead coach Graeme (confirmed as Simon is in Manchester)

I’ll let you know if there are any other changes but please confirm asp avail and interest for 1st date on 30 Jan (early start!) asp as I will need to finalise all details with the Track etc by the end of the week . BW Michael



On Track For Success

(Written by Sian Botteley)

Following an immensely successful debut season as a racing cyclist, Jason Burrill successfully secured his British Cycling Second Category Race License after picking up numerous top placings in road races, the most notable of which was a 2nd place at Elveden in Suffolk, in a tightly fought bunch sprint.

Now that the road racing season has come to an end, Jason has turned his attention to track racing. Being new to racing ‘on the boards’ of a velodrome, competing in the highly competitive Manchester First Division Track League is proving a good way to climb the ladder into even more competitive track racing. Jason is targeting the national masters track championships in June next year, where he hopes to be very successful after a solid winter of training and track league racing.

So far there have been three meetings of the weekly track league. Each meet consists of five races and requires a lot of strength and endurance to be able to perform consistently throughout the evening. In the first week, Jason performed impressively and positioned himself well throughout, meaning that he stayed out of the way of the carnage that unfolded behind him, as several crashes brought riders down hard. He gained a 2nd place in the strength sapping 1km scratch race and a 5th place in the longer scratch race.

In week 2, Jason secured two 3rd places and a 4th place, as well as a valuable lesson learned about the consumption of too much caffeine before racing! Jason came back with a bang in the third week of the league, performing excellently in the elimination race, points race, 1km scratch race, unknown distance and long scratch race, picking up three 3rd places and two 4th places.

Being new to the tactics and difficulties of track racing, Jason’s strength and results have improved each week and as his experience grows he will continue to progress towards his ambition of being highly competitive at the national track masters championships next season.


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