Bourne Wheelers Sportive

Bourne wheelers v2

Sunday 11th September 2016

The Bourne Wheelers Ultimatum returns…

11 Sep 16 08:00 The Long One  — £13.00
11 Sep 16 08:30 The Mid One     — £13.00
11 Sep 16 09:00 The Short One — £12.00

Bourne Academy, Edinburgh Crescent, PE10 9DT

Further details and entry at British Cycling



5 Responses to Bourne Wheelers Sportive

  1. Alex Moore says:

    Hi, l always enjoy the atmosphere at this event and this year was no exception. Facilities at Edenham are just right with thanks to all providing some lovely, much appreciated food and drink. Signage could be a little clearer, ie brighter arrows and perhaps different colours for each distance but hey, a great day thank you. Look forward to next year !
    Alex Moore

  2. Andrew Wiggins says:

    Enjoyed the event. You even arranged the weather! Thanks to all those involved for the work put into arranging and supporting the day.
    Andy Wiggins

  3. Peter nadin says:

    This was my first every sportive and definitely my longest bike ride (I only learnt to ride a bike 10 years ago). Organisation was superb, signage could have been better and I was very lonely as most entrants where from cycle clubs or friends; many thanks to those who stopped when I fell off. Suggestion for future would be to identify solo/first timers and try to get them buddies for the ride.
    Will I return next year – most definitely as I have a time to beat and will raise money for charity.
    Thanks again to those who organised and provide drinks/cakes
    Peter Nadin

  4. Iain Darlington says:

    Many thanks for all the hard work you guys put in to make sure that this event was a success.
    If someone could let me know where to find the photos taken by Ash I would be obliged

    • antman74 says:

      Thanks Iain, always nice to get feedback – the link to photos will up as soon as we get it from Ash 🙂

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