5 mile TT Championship & Hill Climb

The final two events of the Bourne Wheelers Time Trial season were the 5 mile Time Trial Championship on the Barholm circuit near Greatford and the Hill Climb on Gunboro Hill near Hanthorpe.

In the 5 mile TT, 21 riders took to the line and Matt Green took the overall win and retained his 2015 Seniors title in 11:26 followed by Tim James (Catford CC) with 11:36 and Robbie Ward (11:44). The Veteran title went to Chris Kettle (12:22), the Donne title to Jessica Woodworth (13:16), who also retained her title, and the Youth title to Bryn Richards (12:19).

In the Hill Climb, 18 riders took on the gruelling 0.34mile course. Fastest on the night was Tim James (Catford CC) with 57 seconds. The fastest Wheeler on the night was Bart Kieres (1:00) who last won it in 2014 followed by Chris Kettle (1:06), retaining his 2015 Veterans title, but sharing it this year with Damian Langdon, also with 1:06. The Donne win went to Emma Rodgers (1:34) and the Youth win went to Dylan Snoek, who edged-out last year’s winner Bryn Richards by 5 seconds with 1:08.






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