Youths riders’ success at Heckington Show

Successful day for the Bourne Youth at Heckington. 2 teams entered with the Yellow team securing the Go Ride trophy after winning the second event, the pursuit. Testimony to our Red team only just being pipped by 3 seconds into second place being one rider down with Georgia Bullard being withdrawn after a particularly nasty first race crash in the all girls sprint race.

Their superb effort lifted the Red team from 4th behind Spalding to 3rd behind Witham with only the one event remaining it would take a huge effort.

The girls would all race together in a 4 lap scratch race and Lizzie Catlow, Jessica Woodworth now recovered also involved in that first race incident pulled all of the girls round with Ellie Peel at the back of the train and a gap soon appeared between the other club riders. They were soon to be lapping other riders when we had our second large crash of the day with Emily Richards not seeing a younger rider and running straight into her fetching them both down into the floor. Emily despite being shocked and upset climbed back on and still finished in the points. The other rider was attended to and I saw her later in good spirits tucking into a well deserved ice cream.

The boys scratch races were split according the age cats. Alex Gelpin pulled his brother and Harry round to a clear 1,2,3 and more importantly close the points gap on Witham for second on the podium.

Rory Standish and Dylan Snoek were our only 2 riders in this last scratch race, but were pitched against Rob McAndrew racing well for Witham. Yellow team Dylon never wanted to be far from the action but with so many riders chasing points was unable to get the line bringing him into the thick of the race. Unlike Rory who needed every available point for the Red team and found himself in the perfect position riding a blinding race and as they crossed the line left all of us spectating trying to tot up the points to see if they had got that second place.

Never any doubt in my mind we could go to Heckington and get that 1,2, but as the day unfolded and we found ourselves in the uncomfortable position of first name terms with the St Johns Ambulance and with our girls smashed up and upset I felt sick in the pit of my stomach.

But the Army marched on. The others got on with the job in hand and the rest emerged from the medical tent where the laughed and cried then laughed some more.
So there you have it the Red Army retained the Grasstrack Go Ride trophy in a all conquering performance taking both top spots on the podium for Bourne Wheelers.


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