Michael Bullard – Chris and Molly Peel – Sian and Adam Botteley – Michael and Jamie Nation- Derrick Woodworth – Nigel Thomson – Steve Catlow – Jayne Skinner – Gareth, Bryn and Emily. Plus 6 Folkingham Stragglers…

This is the second group of 20 ;plus Mark’s group of 20 from the UK School’s Youth Team..

Two national coaches- Simon Reavill and Graeme Walters

Track hire is at £340 for 2 hours including coaches and so we will plan to split 50/50 between the two groups at @ £8.50, plus shoe and bike hire (c£17 combined)

Please be there at 11AM to sign in, pay etc and be changed and in the “d” for 11.30AM.

Other points:
• Address: Royal Way, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8JB Phone:01332 640011 Car parking free. Space for spectators
• Bring spare/change of clothing , shower kit etc . Also helmet, mits and glasses. Bike kit – long or short ; personal preference.
• Bring lots of drinks etc and have a decent breakfast.(Suspect that there will be drinks machine on site?)

Thanks, Any problems let me know, BW M

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