Derby Track Update

Derby Update

Here is the updated schedule of 5 sessions and thanks to those who replied to the previous post (Note change of 1st date).

Looks like we can easily accommodate those have replied to date and also encourage other track 1st timers like Antony (thanks) who can also join us.

Don’t worry if already accredited as coaches can easily adapt to ensure we all benefit and advance skills, our experience and overall sense of humour.

31 Jan Sunday 7AM- 9AM (Awaiting confirmation from coaches but optimistic)
21 Feb Sunday 7AM – 9AM
28 Feb Sunday 12-2pm Split 50/50 with Mark Botteley and the UK School’s Game team (20 from Wheelers etc)
26 March Saturday : 7-9pm (Evening)
2 April Saturday: 7-9pm (Evening)

I’ll let you know if there are any other changes but please confirm asp avail and interest for 1st date on 30 Jan (early start!) asp as I will need to finalise all details with the Track etc by the end of the week . BW Michael

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