Scratch League Review 2015

The 2015 Scratch League was comfortably retained by Tom Comben, with Matt Green once again taking the runners-up spot. A late run of results saw previous Champion Jason Burrill seal 3rd place at the last race of the season.

Tom won 5 rounds with additional wins for Jason (3), James Gelsthorpe (2) and Matt and Ali Slater (1 win each).

The Youth title was won by Bryn Richards and the ladies title went to Emma Rodgers.

Top 5

  1. Tom Comben 136 pts
  2. Matt Green 124 pts
  3. Jason Burrill 110 pts
  4. Antony Gough 107 pts
  5. Cliff Hilless 105 pts

Congratulations to the 40+ riders that took part in this year’s TT League and well done to everyone that secure new PBs over one of the four courses 🙂

Special mention to Cliff Hilless and Mike Smalley, the one riders to compete in all 12 rounds this year.

Bourne Wheelers TT League 2015_ SCRATCH LEAGUE TABLE_FINAL

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