Handicap League Review 2015

This year’s competition was the closest on record with seven riders still mathematically able to win the title going into the last round. In the event it was Peter Waddingham who came out on top to take the title, edging out Chris Kettle and Mike Smalley who took 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Unlike the scratch competition there were 11 different winners across the 12 rounds of racing. Jamie Nation was the only rider to win twice, with the following taking one win each;

Chris Kettle / Stuart Handley / Emma Rodgers / Stuart Burgess / Nigel Thompson / Jason Burrill / Martin Rolbin / Robbie Ward / Ali Slater / Clare Parkin

In the Youth competition Bryn Richards was first and Emma Rodgers picked up her 2nd title winning the Ladies section.

Top 5

  1. Peter Waddingham 104 pts
  2. Chris Kettle 99 pts
  3. Mike Smalley 99 pts
  4. Cliff Hilless 98 pts
  5. Ian Davison 96 pts

Bourne Wheelers TT League 2015_ HANDICAP LEAGUE TABLE_FINAL

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