IMPORTANT Re: Club Time Trial Night

To all members (on behalf of the Club Committee):

You will all be aware that at the Club AGM in November a vote was taken to decide if the night the Club Time Trial League races take place should be changed. As a result of that vote the races were changed from a Wednesday to a Tuesday for the 2015 season.

In the last few weeks it has been brought to the Committee’s attention that a good number of regular TT league competitors will not be able to race on a Tuesday night. As a result the Committee has a genuine concern that the TT League may no longer be competitive or even viable if the switch to a Tuesday is made.

To enable us to clarify the situation and the likely status of those riders who would like to compete in the Club Time Trial League we are asking all Club Members (1st and 2nd Claim) to contact us urgently and let us know if they are unable to attend on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday. The aim is to ensure that we hold the races on a night that ensures the strongest line up of riders in terms of numbers taking part.

Unfortunately we have to let the Lincs CTT know our intended night for holding the TT League races by this Friday – this means we need to hear from you by 7pm Thursday 8th January (tomorrow!).

Please email me directly at to let us know if you can’t ride on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Many thanks


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