Pedal Pushers League Results – Fulbeck (Sat 31st May)

Results from the Bourne Wheelers hosted round of the Pedal Pushers Circuit Race League held at Fulbeck on Saturday 31st May.

Under 8’s boys

 1st   Thomas Smith         Boston Whls
2nd Thomas Gaul           Rutland Rouleur
3rd  George Curson         Newark Castle
4th Leo Moore                 Unattached
Under 8’s girls
 1st   Jael Maw            Boston Whls
2nd  Millie Fionda       Rutland Rouleur
3rd   Emilie Comben   Bourne Whls
4th    Charlotte Garfield  Bourne Whls
 Under 10 boys
1st   Christopher Hilbert     Sherwood Pines
2nd Ben Norton                  Spalding CC
3rd  Alex Galpin                 Bourne Whls
4th  Louis Swindell             Matlock CC
5th  Jack Lofthouse           Notts Clarion
6th  Billy Reid                    Witham Whls
7th  Dan Galpin                 Bourne Whls
8th   Charlie Wallis            Rutland rouleur
9th   Harry Garfield           Bourne Whls
10th Joe Ward                  Newrark  Castle
Under 10 girls
 1st   Emily Richards     spalding CC
2nd  Florence Lissaman   Rutland Rouleur
3rd   Ellie Peel             Spalding CC
4th Charley Woodworth  Bourne Whls
5th  Holly Bailey           Heanor Clarion
6th   Megan Kirk           VC Lincoln
Under 12 boys
 1st josh Giddings         Heanor Clarion
2nd Carter Howe         Heanor Clarion
3rd  Bryn Richards      Spalding CC
4th  Owen Lightfoot      Rutland Rouleur
5th  Cameron Nielson    Spalding CC
6th   Jack Brough         Heanor Clarion
7th   Alex Lofthouse     Notts Clarion
8th   Kyle Hoskin          Wasps Cyling Club
9th Oliver Cole            Notts Clarion
10th   Noah Evans      Rutland Rouleur
Under 12 girls
 1st   Olivia Hunnikin      Rutland Rouleur
2nd  Libby Smith            Matlock CC
3rd   Molly Peel              Spalding CC
4th    Eve Atkinson         Rutland Rouleur
5th    Molly Parkinson      Lincoln VC
 Under 14 boys
 1st    Jake Norton       Sherwood Pines
2nd Christopher Durham Lincsquad
3rd  George Swindell       Sherwood Pines
4th Alex Haines          Leics RC
5th  Rob McAndrew     Witham Whls
6th   Nathan Priestly     Newark Castle
7th    William Gurney    Spalding CC
8th   George Kirk            VC Lincoln
9th Elliot Bannister       Notts Clarion
Under 14   girls
 1st   April Tacey       Leics RC
2nd Jess Woodworth  Bourne Whls
3rd  Ellie Smith            Matlock CC
4th  Kelsey  Benton      bourne Whls
5th  Megan Kendall       Spalding CC
 Under 16 boys
 1st  Ollie Peckover       Sherwood Pines
2nd Tim James             Bourne Whls
3rd   Tom Chandler      Notts Clarion
4th   Callum Fernie       Notts Clarion
5th Alex Littlewood       RVO Racing
6th  Ben Turner            Dinnington RC
7th   Robbie Ward        Bourne Whls
8th Liam Hindmarsh     Dinnington
9th  Ben Hardy             Rutland Rouleur
10th  Jack Packer         Great Yarmouth CC
Under 16 girls
 1st   Charlotte Broughton  MG Décor
2nd Maddie Gammons     Bourne Whls
3rd  Isabel Darvill             VC Lincoln
4th  Jess Willett               Squadra Donne
5th   Tilly Gurney            Spalding CC
6th   Zoe Sawula            Newark Castle
 1st    Sian Botteley    Squadra Donne
2nd Sam Burman      Team WNT
3rd   Maddie Gammons  Bourne Whls
4th   Sam Thoy              Team Jadan
5th Laurn Humphreys    Rugby Velo
6th  Abbey Norman        Lichfield City CC
7th Jen McAndrew         Witham Whls
8th  Cheryl Vaughan      Matlock  CC
9th  Jennifer Smart         VC Norwich
10th  Julie Bratton          VC Flintham
 Men 4ths
 1st Robert Webster       Trent Valley  CC
2nd Robert Fox              VC Lincoln
3rd Josh Asquith            Arrow cycles
4th  Simon Avis             RAF CC
5th  Ross Perks            Long Eaton CC
6th  Philip Large            Iceni Velo
7th  Stewart Bates        Beeston RC
8th  Matthew Hindmarsh   Dinnington RC
9th   Joseph Weston         Cottingham Couriers
10th  Philip Heath             Ashfield RC
 Mens  2/3/4
 1st    Karl Baillie         Haribo Beacon
2nd Blake Cowley       Clay Cross
3rd  Rik Lister             Ellmore Factory Racing
4th   Mark Davies       Team Cystic Fibrosis
5th  George Thompson  Sleaford Whls
6th  Ross Lamb            Mansfield RC
7th  Harry Browning      Pedalpushers
8th   Gavin Daley          VC Lincoln
9th   Paul Wain             Moda RT
10th  Paul Searson       Notts Clarion
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