Club trip to Manchester Velodrome

(Report By Matt Green)
Several members of the club headed up to Manchester Velodrome last weekend for a track taster session….Matt Green picks up the story….
The session started with a briefing on handling a track bike and how to use the banking of the track for forward and backward momentum. The second drill involved riding in the wheels holding a tight group, again using the banking to gain space or close any gaps within the group. 
With some confidence gained we then had a good at riding in a slalom formation on the straights (through cones) to gain experience in slow speed handling on the drops (just like the sprint racers do). We then did the same drill in pairs (which was scary as!). 
For the final drill, we where split into two groups, each with a pace rider. We would ride in a line until Graham (coach) blew the whistle and the rider behind the pace bike would slope down on to the fast black line and sprint half a lap and join the back of the other group. To finish the session we had  some free ride time to really race and get some proper speed up on the track!
Fantastic day. Special thanks to Michael Nation for organising. 
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