Hereward TT League 2014 Round #1 (Southey Wood)

Round one of this years Hereward League took place on warm night at the Southey Wood course. Bourne Wheelers had 8 riders competing and in the scratch competition had two riders in the top 10 with Jason Burrill coming home in 4th (@33 secs) and Tom Comben 7th (@51 secs). 🙂

Other Bourne results were: Andy Barnard 13th; Tim James 15th; Antony Gough 19th; Gerald Bone 27th; Michael Nation 30th and Jamie Nation 34th

It was an even better result in the handicap race with Tom  coming home 2nd (@4 secs) , Jason 3rd= (@11 secs) and Michael in 7th (@47 secs) 🙂

Other Bourne results were; Gerald Bone 11th=; Andy Barnard 15th=; Antony Gough 18th; Tim James 24th and Jamie Nation 31st

Hereward League 2014_Up to and including #Race 1

Next Round: #2

Club: Bourne Wheelers

Date: 28th May

Where: Aunby Course (11.1 miles)

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