Sleaford Reliability Trial

A week on Sunday (9 March) Sleaford Wheelers will be staging a reliability ride and would like to invite members of other local clubs to join in. This will be a lovely warm sunny day with bright blue skies and no frost or ice anywhere.

There will three routes to choose from, the full 85m and shorter 65m and 42m options, plus a steadier 30 mile Novice run. They all share the same start and finish so all riders can all start together. The ride will begin at 9am at The Horseshoes in Silk Willoughby.

For those not familiar with the concept the reliability rides are basically a non-stop club run (so make sure you are well stocked with Mars Bars) but are not a race, each group should stick together as much as possible. Because everyone will start together there should be plenty of chance to change your mind if you want to go with a different group before the routes split up and with the last 10 miles being the same any stragglers from the short and medium group will be moped up by those behind.

And there is beer at the finish. Punctures are banned. No-one is allowed to have one.
It would be great to see you there.

Click on the links below to map and review the routes.

SWWCC (Novice) Reliability 30
SWWCC Reliability 42
SWWCC Reliability 65
SWWCC Reliability 85


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