Strava Stats (w/e 9th Feb)


Love it or hate it, Strava is now used by a large majority of club cyclists to log their rides, measure progress towards goals and of course chase down local KOMs (TC!! ;))

Bourne Wheelers has a club page on Strava that allows you to easily see what everyone else is up to. You can find that here It’s easy to join, but if you have any problems just drop Antony Gough a message here, on Facebook or by email.

One of the ‘fun’ functions of the Strave Club Page is that it keeps a record of the weekly stats for who’s ridden the most cumulative miles, had the longest single ride and who’s done the most climbing. At the moment we can’t embed that info into the website (but we’re working on it!).

In the meantime here are the stats for w/e 9th Feb 2014 🙂

Bourne Wheelers Strava Stat Leaders (09/04/14)


  1. Mark Botteley 371km
  2. James Gelsthorpe 363km
  3. Simon Ayliff 275km

Longest Ride

  1. James Gelsthorpe 108km
  2. Antony Gough 103km
  3. Mark Botteley 100km


  1. Mark Botteley 2075m
  2. James Gelsthorpe 1905m
  3. Robbie Ward 1477m
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