Bourne Wheelers 2013 Season Presentation Evening

Friday 17th January was party night for the members of Bourne Wheelers Cycling Club as they gathered to recognise the club champions for the 2013 season.

The club was delighted to have two professional riders who competed in the 2013 Tour of Britain attending the event. Guest presenter Steve Lampier was on hand to present trophies to winners and confirm what a great club BWCC is (but we knew what already!! J) . Also present was our own Ali Slater, who is about to join a professional team in France having moved on from the GB Academy team at the end of last season. Thanks to both Steve and Ali for coming along and taking the time to speak to everyone, especially the younger members who got a great buzz out hanging out with two great riders.

The evening started with the traditional cycling themed quiz and was one by The Musettes, who were captained by Campbell Pollock – winning the quiz for the fourth year in a row – Mastermind anyone?

 The buffet took and age to arrive, which meant that the presentations got under way much later than expected – in the very best tradition of all great awards ceremonies!

The big winners on the night were youth rider Campbell Pollock with a fantastic four trophies and James Gelsthorpe who took three senior titles.

Campbell Pollock - Youth 10m TT Handicap League Champion


James Gelsthorpe - Senior Road Race Champion

In the senior section Jason Burrill and Bart Kieres picked up two trophies each. Andy Barnard collected a well deserved 10m TT Vets Trophy and Tom Comben received the 10m TT Handicap League shield in this very first year with the club.

Jason Burrill - 10m TT ChampionBart 'The Boss' Kieres - Senior Cyclocross and Hill Climb ChampionAndy Barnard - 10m Vets TT ChampionTom Comben - Senior 10m TT Handicap League Champion

 In the youth section there were two wins apiece for Jessica Woodworth and Adam Botteley. Other youth riders collecting trophies were; Maddie Gammons (trophy picked up by brother Alex); Emily Comben, Alex Galpin, Charley Woodworth and Tim James.

The Merit Cup is voted for by club members and went to Mark Botteley in recognition of his exceptional efforts supporting the increasingly successful youth riders. Mark was further recognised, along with his wife Kim for all the time they invest in supporting club activities and they were presented with a small gift from members.

Mark Botteley - Merit Cup Winner 2013

 Whilst they had been recognised, as is the tradition, at the last TT race of the 2013 season it would be amiss not to mention here the huge contribution of Robin Day and Gordon & Irene, without whom there would be no TT league!

The final presentation of the night was a new trophy for 2013, the Clubman Trophy. This was awarded to the member whom the club committee felt was the stand out member of the year in terms of their contribution to all aspects of the riding side of club. The award went to Cliff Hilless who, as the Clubman Trophy winner, will also be Bourne Wheelers CC Club Captain for 2014.

Cliff Hilless - Clubman Trophy 2013 and Club Captain 2014

The evening concluded with the traditional raffle and then an auction for a Bourne Wheeler cycling jersey signed by members of the 2013 GB Academy. After a tense battle, the jersey was won by Jason Burrill, though sadly it was too small to replace the shocking pink shirt he’d inflicted upon us for the evening! 😉

The full list of winners is shown below – congratulations to all our champions and thanks to everyone (75!) who attended, and contributed to such a great evening, especially our guest presenter Steve Lampier and our own Ali Slater.

Thanks to Don Pollock for the photos

Might need a bigger venue next year??…….


10 mile TT League Champion Jason Burrill
10 mile TT Handicap Champion Tom Comben
10 mile TT Champion Jason Burrill
10 mile TT Veterans Champion Andy Barnard
2 up TTT Champions

James Gelsthorpe & Campbell Pollock

Cyclocross Champion Bart Kieres
5 mile Champion James Gelsthorpe
Hill Climb Champion Bart Kieres
Road Race Champion James Gelsthorpe
Johnny Hoogerland Trophy Jason Burrill


10m TT League Champion Campbell Pollock
10m TT Handicap League Champion Campbell Pollock
Girl 10m TT Champion Jessica Woodworth
Hill Climb champion Tim James
5 mile Champion Adam Botteley
Road Race Champion Maddie Gammons
Under16 10mile TTChampion Campbell Pollock
Attendance Trophy Emily Comben
Brewster Cup Charley Woodworth
Youth Champion Alex Galpin
Points Champion Adam Botteley
Cyclocross Champion Jessica Woodworth
Johnny Hoogerland Trophy Tim James
Merit Cup Mark Botteley
Clubman Trophy Cliff Hilless
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