(Report by Sian Botteley)

Over the winter, Jason Burrill has been competing in the Manchester First Division Track League on Friday nights. With aspirations of moving up to the prestigious Premier Division, Jason has spent the past few months learning the vital aspects of track racing that you need to master to be successful in this highly technical and physically demanding discipline.

Jason has progressed quickly and gained some good results along the way and is now racing in a group containing many top riders with several years track racing experience under their belts and who are on the cusp of being promoted to the Premier Division. 

On the 22nd of November, Jason achieved 4th in the Elimination Race and 3rd in the Points Race, having already secured 2nd in the strength sapping Kilometre Scratch Race.

A week later, Jason had his most successful track meet to date, when he picked up a 4th place in the Points Race and 2nd place in the Kilometre Scratch. Following the Unknown Distance Race, in which he picked up more vital experience on race positioning, Jason lined up for the most tactical race of the evening, the Elimination Race. As riders were dismissed from the back of the group lap by lap, Jason used strong tactics to keep himself well positioned throughout the race until the last lap when he sprinted away from his two remaining rivals to pick up his first track league victory.

Jason’s performances over the winter placed him very well in the overall standings. He finished in 25th position out of almost 200 league riders, despite having only competed in 7 meetings (many riders taking part in as many as 22 meetings). 

This result wrapped up a fantastic two months of racing for Jason, which will stand him in good stead for next season when he aspires to achieve high placings in the National Masters Track Championships in the summer.

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