Cyclo Cross Update

Having finally got the results for Round #2 of the Lincs Cyclo Cross League you will find updated results at – also includes Round #4 results from Witham as well.

I’ll be trying to keep on top of these going forward, so apologies to all those that have ridden so far and well done to everyone that has been riding 🙂 Do send in any reports or pictures you want posting.

The following Bourne Wheelers were in top 10 positions after 3 events (7 out of 9 to count).

Seniors – 7th Bart Kieres

Senior (18 -39) – 4th Bart Kieres

Vets – 8th Phil Galpin

Juniors – 5th Campbell Pollock

Youth – 1st Tim James/ 5th Robbie Ward / 10th Jessica Woodworth

U-16’s – 1st Tim James/ 4th Robbie Ward/ 6th Maddie Gammons / 10th Aaron Bateman

U-14’s – 6th Jessica Woodworth

U-12’s – 10th Alex Galpin

U-12 Girls – 6th Penelope Linsdell

Team – 4th Bourne Wheelers (after one event Rounds #2 & #3 not yet updated)


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