2013 Roll of Honour

With the 2013 season now almost a distant memory, it’s time to look back and reflect on another fantastic 12 months of racing by members of the club. We’ve had a huge number of riders of all ages competing in time trials, road races, circuit races, track racing, grass racing and cyclo cross (not forgetting the Omelette Challenge of course!)

Well done all those that represented the club throughout 2013 🙂

2013 Roll of Honour

All our club champions for 2013 are listed below.

Campbell Pollock – Youth Scratch TT League/ Youth Handicap TT League/                                                          Youth 10m TT Champion/ 2 Up TT Champion 

Jessica Woodworth – Girls Scratch TT League/ Girls Handicap TT League                                                                   Girls 10m TT Champion/ Girls 5m TT Champion

Jason Burrill – Senior Scratch TT League/ Senior 10m Champion

James Gelsthorpe – Senior 5m TT Champion/ 2 Up TT Champion

Bart Kieres – Senior Hill Climb Champion/ Senior Cyclo Cross Champion

Andy Barnard – Vets TT League/ Vets 10m TT Champion

Mark Botteley – Vets 5m TT Champion / Vets Hill Climb Champion

Tom Comben – Senior Handicap TT League

Adam Botteley – Youth 5m TT Champion

Tim James – Youth Hill Climb Champion

Maddie Gammons – Girls Hill Climb Champion

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