Be-Well TT League 2013 Final Round Up

So, another fantastic TT League comes to a close for Bourne Wheelers Cycling Club.

2013 will be well remembered as 41 riders took on the ‘race of truth’ at Greatford, Aunby and Aslackby. There were some great performances, amazing improvements and many, many personal bests – well done to each and ever rider who has helped make the season such as success.

Congratulations go to our new club champions; Jason Burrill (Senior Scratch); Tom Comben (Senior Handicap); Andy Barnard (Vets Champion); Campbell Pollock (Youths Scratch & Handicap); and Jessica Woodworth (Girls Youth Scratch & Handicap).

As for the final league tables, the top placings are listed below and you can download the full standings at the bottom of the report.

Senior Scratch

  1. Jason Burrill                196 points
  2. Andy Barnard              168 points
  3. Tom Comben              159 points
  4. Antony Gough             132 points
  5. Simon Ayliff                 132 points
  6. James Gelsthorpe       126 points
  7. Cliff Hilless                  115 points
  8. Steve Collins                97 points
  9. Stuart Boyd                 92 points
  10. Gerald Bone                87 points

Senior Handicap

  1. Tom Comben              149 points
  2. Cliff Hilless                  135 points
  3. Steve Collins                132 points
  4. Colin Gilbert                128 points
  5. Jonny Palmer              128 points
  6. Gerald Bone                126 points
  7. Simon Ayliff                 121 points
  8. Jason Burrill                119 points
  9. Mark Williamson        116 points
  10. Antony Gough             116 points

Youth Scratch

  1. Campbell Pollock        120 points
  2. Tim James                   108 points
  3. Adam Botteley            101 points
  4. Robert Ward               97 points
  5. Jessica Woodworth     78 points (1st Youth Girl)

Youth Handicap

  1. Campbell Pollock        101 points
  2. Robert Ward               101 points
  3. Adam Botteley            101 points
  4. Tim James                   91 points
  5. Jessica Woodworth     88 points (1st Youth Girl)

(*NOTE* Where riders are tied on points the ‘count back’ system is used to determine the final ranking – (i.e. no. of 1st places, no.of 2nd places, no.of 3rd places, etc,)

Be-Well TT Scratch League Standings_after Round #14_FINAL STANDINGS

Be-Well TT Handicap League Standings_after Round #14_FINAL STANDINGS

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