Report for latest Go-Ride 10th Sept 2012

Having missed the last 2 weeks due to holidays, 21 riders turned up for the latest youth coaching session at Recreation Road. The club members also have a new National Champion in their wings with Maddie Gammons having just taken the National 10 mile title for 12 year old girls. Unfortunately Maddie didn’t have her national medal on her to show everyone as it is being engraved. However she could show off her new sling, courtesy of a broken collar bone picked up the day after!

The success of the National teams in recent weeks have obviously had a positive effect locally as 6 newcommers turned up, as well as Joseph Lund making his first appearance for a year.

With the riders split into older and younger groups, to make life easier for the coaches, the children raced around a technical cornering circuit and took part in relay races, before competing against each other at trying to get underneath the limbo pole!!

New riders Josh Lamb, Toby Merricks were equal first in the limbo contest with Emily Comben, with Dan Galpin and Chris Dray quickest around the cornering circuit.

Special mention to Jessica Woodworth and Matthew Comben who showed real skill and improvement as the session progressed.

It was also great to see Josh Beech’s two younger brothers taking part for the very first time. Josh was one of the riders who came along with Sian and Ali Slater when the club started up Go-Ride 7 years ago.

Latest Points Competiton: 1st Maddie Gammons 64pts; 2nd Dan Galpin 59pts; 3rd Alex Galpin 55pts; 4th Alex Gammons 54pts; 5th Joe Collins 51pts; 6th eq Chris Dray and Adam Botteley 40pts; 8th Ben Lamb 33pts; 9th Jack Cann 32pts; 10th Matthew Comben 30pts

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