Britain’s ‘Summer of Cycling’ -Lincolnshire Film Festival

As part of this years ‘Summer of Cycling’ Stamford Arts Centre is showing a series of cycling related films on the w/e 30th June/ 1st July.

Hell on Wheels (PG) 2hrs Sat 30 June | 2.30pm

On the very day that the 2012 Tour de France begins get a feeling for the action in this “hardcore” cycling classic of the 2003 edition.

The Flying Scotsman (15) 1hr 36 mins Sat 30 June | 5pm

A brilliantly fictionalised account of the trials and tribulations of Scots cycling genius Grame Obree.

Belleville Rendezvous (12A) 1hr 20mins Sun 1 July | 2.30pm

Chomet’s delightful cartoon of a Tour de France rider kidnapped by gangsters and taken to New York with his mum and his dog in hot pursuit is a cycling masterpiece.

A Day Out (U) 50mins Sun 1 July | 5pm

Alan Bennett and director Stephen Frears’first film, this TV classic follows a group ofYorkshire cyclists in 1911 as they turn a gentleride into a formal occasion.

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