Handicap League 18th April

  Hello All, Ever wondered how the handicap league works, well below is an explanation and attached are the handicaps for Wednesday Hcaps Targets 18th April. All you now need to do is beat your time 🙂

Handicap League

Before each event the comparative time for each rider will be published. This will be used to decide handicap   position for that event. Obviously the rider beating his/her time by thelargest amount will be in the first position

Any club member riding but not listed will be placed in last handicap position after the event.

After each event the standard time for each rider will be amended by the following 4 rules –

  • If the rider goes faster than his/her standard, that is what they will get next time.
  • If the rider goes slower they will get one third of the difference added back to their standard.
  • As above any club member not on this list (and therefore on whom I have no performance data) will be added to the next list    
  • All adjustments are subject to the handicapper’s discretion – Deliberate or inadvertent (falling off/winter bikes etc) “sandbagging” will not be rewarded with additional allowance but obvious problems giving an out of line standard may be generously treated.
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