Thurlby Heroes 80 miles Sportive on Monday 9th April‏







Poor weather, crashes and mechanicals, no not Paris-Roubaix but the Help for Heros Sportive. Well done to Neil, Simon and Steve for completing the ride in really tough conditions.

Report from Neil
“The 80 miles took us in a rough circle of Rutland. We headed west from Thurlby towards Little Bytham and Castle Bytham crossing the A1 near South Witham and then on to Waltham on the Wolds. We then went south down to Leesthorpe and Launde Abbey (including the hill) and on towards Uppingham and then Morcott and Ketton. From Ketton we rode on to Stamford and then back out to Great Casterton before heading back to Ryhall, Greatford, Manthorpe and then finally up and over Swallow Hill back into Thurlby.
The weather was atrocious for the entire ride. Steady rain and gusting winds accompanied us for over 5 hours. Ironically the sun came out just as we had finished and were enjoying a well earned cup of tea.
The ride was not not without incident. Simon suffered several mechanical mishaps including losing his chain twice and more seriously the loss of the use of the small chain ring which made some of the hills very difficult but he kept on going. Unfortunately I suffered my first real crash on a bike. My front wheel hit some very slippery tarmac and over I went sliding down the road for several yards. I was a little shaken but luckily the bike was ok apart from scuffed bar tape.
We started together and crossed the finishing line together completing the event in 5 hours and 20 minutes which was not fast however after a while it became more about completing the ride than speed. None of could honestly say that we enjoyed it but we did finish it despite the wind and the rain. Without the wind and the rain it would probably have been an enjoyable ride. Maybe a club run in the summer?”
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  1. Simon Ayliff says:

    Who’s the good looking young boy in the middle

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