Cyclocross Race Reports

2013 Lincs Cyclocross League Rd #1 (Sleaford Wheelers)

Bourne Wheelers were well represented at the first round of this years Lincs Cyclo Cross League hosted by Sleaford Wheelers.

Stand out performances were Tim James (1st Youth); Maddie Gammons (1st Girl); Campbell Pollock (6th Junior); Jessica Woodworth (9th Girl); Robert Ward (10th Youth); and Phil Galpin (12th Vet).


Seniors (100 riders/ 88 finishers)

13th Bart Kieres/ 32nd Przemek Jasnikowski/ 44th Phil Galpin (12th Vet)/

48th Campbell Pollock (6th Junior)/ 57th Andy Preston / 61st Steve Collins (19th Vet)


1st Tim James / 10th Robert Ward /11th Maddie Gammons (1st Girl) /

16th Aaron Bateman/ 24th Jamie Nation/ 28th Jessica Woodworth (9th Girl/ 11th U14)

Under 12′s

11th Alex Galpin/ 15th Harry Garfield / 21st Dan Galpin /22nd Alexander Gammons

23rd Ben Lamb/ 38th Josh Lamb

Race #2 (Spalding CC)

27 Bourne Wheelers competed in Round 2 at Spalding with stand out rides from; Tim James (1st Youth); Maddie Gammons (1st Girl); Jessica Woodworth (5th Girl); Campell Pollock (6th Junior); Alex Galpin (8th U-12); Robbie Ward (8th Youth); Dan Burton (10th Youth)


15th Bart Kieres / 20th Premek Jasnikowski /37th Campbell Pollock (6th Junior)

38th Phil Galpin (12th Vet)/ 40th Andy Preston / 42nd Steve Collins (13th Vet)

48th Tom Comben (15th Vet) /73rd Simon Ayliff (26th Vet)


1st Tim James/ 7th Maddie Gammons (1st Girl)/ 8th Robbie Ward/ 10th Dan Burton

11th Aaron Bateman/ 13th Adam Botteley/ 21st Jessica Woodworth (5th Girl)


8th Alex Galpin/ 12th Alex Gammons/ 17th Dan Galpin/ 22nd Harry Garfield

25th Ben Lamb/ 27th Penelope Linsdell/ 30th Edward Linsdell

32nd Charley Woodworth/ 33rd Matthew Comben/ 35th Thomas Preston

36th Josh Lamb/ 38th Daniel Rogers

Race #3 (Alford)

Race #3 in the Lincs Cyclocross League and a long bumpy, technical course greeted the Bourne Wheelers riders at Alford on Sunday.

Great performances all round from everyone, including some first timers, but stand out performances were Tim James (3rd Youth); Jessica Woodworth (4th Girl); Robert Ward (5th Youth); Alex Galpin (8th Under 12); Phil Galpin (9th Vet).


11th Bart Kieres/ 30th Phil Galpin (9th Vet) / 38th Stephen Collins (12th Vet)

58th Simon Ayliff (18th Vet)


3rd Tim James/ 5th Robert Ward / 14th Jessica Woodworth (4th Girl, 5th U 14)

Under 12’s

8th Alex Galpin/ 16th Dan Galpin /17th Harry Garfield

Round #4 (Witham Wheelers)

12 riders represented Bourne at the 4th Round of the Lincs Cyclo Cross League hosted by Witham Wheelers

Stand out rides from Jessica Woodworth (5th Girl – Youths); Charley Woodworth (5th Girl – U12’s); Robbie Ward (7th Youth); Phil Galpin (8th Vet) and Simon Ayliff (10th Vet)


16th Bart Kieres/ 30th Premek Jasnikowski / 33rd Phil Galpin (8th Vet)

42nd Simon Ayliff (10th Vet) / 49th Steve Collins (12th Vet)


7th Robbie Ward/ 11th Aaron Bateman / 21st Jessica Woodworth (5th Girl)


15th Dan Galpin/ 18th Harry Garfield /

20th Charly Woodworth (5th Girl) / 31st Thomas Preston

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